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New Details About Ezra Miller’s Cult Leader-like Behavior Surface

New details have emerged about The Flash star Ezra Miller’s cult-like behavior during their time in Iceland.

According to Insider, multiple people have stated that Miller acted like a cult leader during their time renting a spacious Airbnb in Reykjavik, Iceland, which was home to “a menagerie of Icelandic artists, expats, and spiritual confidants whom [Miller had] encouraged to stay there, even though many had their own homes in Reykjavik.” One woman, who visited the house in March 2020, referred to the Airbnb as a “commune,” noting how the guests living in the house were “hypnotized” by Miller’s every word and unfazed by their mood swings. Rumors soon began to circulate in Reykjavik that The Flash actor was running a cult due to their monologues on spirituality and emotional outbursts, as well as their insistence that they possessed supernatural powers, requesting that guests should participate in group meditations. Insider noted that “[many] of the people who became involved with Miller said they believed in the issues Miller cared about.”

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However, not everyone who visited Miller’s house was enamored by them. A 23-year-old woman reported witnessing Miller fly easily into a rage over trivial matters, swearing and screaming at one group of friends for trying to pick which song to play over a speaker, telling the group to get out of their “sanctuary. ” The woman also recalled a time when Miller confronted her and her friend about wanting to leave the house. “You don’t like my hospitality,” said Miller, who warned the pair that they could read minds. When she eventually left the house, she stated that she felt like escaping. “I was a bit traumatized for a while,” she admitted. “It was one of the weirdest days I’ve ever experienced.”

A Young Musician Was Warned About Miller’s Cult Vibes

Another woman, an 18-year-old musician, also shared her experience with Miller, recounting to Insider that “she had sex with Miller three times [in a hotel] and communicated sparsely with friends and family.” She also stated that the actor became fixated on her breeding capabilities and worshiped her “perfect” womb while telling her that her family was holding her back from a better life. “Ezra was super manipulative. They kind of had us all under their finger,” she said. “They were able to twist and pull everything that I thought I knew about the world.”

After six days, Miller returned to their home in Reykjavík and the woman went home to her apartment where her roommate proceeded to share documents with her about how cult leaders promise spiritual awakenings or material goods to manipulate targets and isolate them from their friends and family. “[It was] the exact same thing that I was in with Ezra and that really scared me,” the young musician said, who was so terrified of seeing Miller again that she fled her apartment until the actor left the country 10 days later. The woman has stated that while she only spent six days with Miller, “it honestly felt way, way longer” and that she isn’t sure she will ever “recover from this.”

Miller being called a cult leader is the latest in a long string of accusations against the actor. They had previously been reported to the police for engaging with a German woman in threatening, abusive behavior while visiting her home in February 2022. The actor has also been accused of grooming an 18-year-old woman by her parents. Another incident involves Miller housing a mother and her three children at a cannabis farm with loose firearms in June 2022. Despite all the allegations and accusations against the actor, Warner Bros. is still expected to release The Flashwhich stars Miller as the titular speedster, in theaters in 2023.

Source: Insider

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